“The Waters”

Immerse Yourself in our 100% Calistoga Hot Springs Pool

At our laid-back boutique hotel, you can indulge in a longstanding wellness tradition: the waters. Immerse yourself in the legendary Calistoga, California 100% geothermal heated mineral water experience at UpValley Inn & Hot Springs. Our swimming pool and whirlpool are among the few 100% fed by authentic natural Calistoga mineral water, drawn from our on-site well. Don’t be surprised if the water has a green or yellow hue, a tell tale sign of high mineral content. We invite you to soak it all in for a relaxing stay! Complimentary towels provided poolside.

The Source of UpValley Inn’s Hot Springs Mineral Water

Our thermal water supply was created millions of years ago. Calistoga sits above a fractured plate that causes magma to ooze upward and come in contact with subterranean waters at a depth of 4,000 feet. These waters become superheated and are forced through ancient sea beds until they reach the earth’s surface, escaping at 230 degrees Fahrenheit.

Geothermically heated waters have been used for thousands of years, and maybe longer. There was a revival of heated bathing culture back in the mid-to-late 19th century that saw the creation of countless “healing water” baths and spas all advertising various spa therapies to cure numerous health related issues.

Most Victorian spas claimed the natural minerals in the hot steamy geothermal water would leave you with a refreshed and energized feeling that you won’t get at any other regular spa. These hot geothermal waters, baths, pools and spas regularly exposed bathers to water temperatures well in excess of 100 degrees F.