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The Ultimate Calistoga Weekend Getaway: A 3-Day UpValley Inn & Hot Springs Itinerary

Imagine a weekend getaway steeped in breathtaking views, fine wines, rejuvenating hot springs, and charming boutique experiences. Discover the enchantment of Calistoga, a picturesque Napa Valley town, from the luxurious comfort of UpValley Inn & Hot Springs as your perfect home base. In this guide, we present an expertly crafted 3-day itinerary designed to showcase the best of Calistoga and its surrounding areas, allowing you to experience unforgettable moments tailored to your unique desires.

From world-class wine tastings and rejuvenating hot springs to exploring Calistoga’s vibrant downtown scene, our 3-day itinerary ensures you make the most of your time in Napa Valley, with UpValley Inn & Hot Springs as your sanctuary for relaxation and rejuvenation between adventures. Your ultimate weekend getaway awaits – let the memories begin.

Day 1: Arrival, Unwind, and Discover Calistoga’s Downtown Charm

Arrival and Check-in at UpValley Inn & Hot Springs

Begin your Calistoga weekend getaway by checking into your room at UpValley Inn & Hot Springs. Unpack, unwind and soak in the delightful ambiance of this boutique hot springs hotel. After settling in, prepare yourself for a captivating exploration of Napa Valley’s enchanting scenery, rich history, and flavorful attractions.

Stroll Through Calistoga’s Enchanting Downtown

Take a leisurely walk to Calistoga’s downtown area, a short distance from UpValley Inn & Hot Springs. Wander through the charming streets brimming with appealing boutiques, local art galleries, and unique tasting rooms. Marvel at the historical architecture, including preserved 19th-century buildings that paint a vivid picture of Calistoga’s storied past.

Savor a Delectable Dinner at a Local Restaurant

Cap off your first day with a gourmet dinner at one of Calistoga’s top-rated restaurants. Savor dishes crafted with locally sourced ingredients and expert culinary techniques. Pair your meal with fine Napa Valley wines and toast to the unforgettable adventures that await you this weekend.

Day 2: Immerse Yourself in Napa Valley’s Wine Culture and Natural Beauty

Visit the Old Faithful Geyser of California

Start your day with a visit to the Old Faithful Geyser of California, one of Napa Valley’s natural wonders. Witness the awe-inspiring power of this geyser as it spews a column of steam and scalding water into the sky. Learn about the science behind geothermal activity and grab a souvenir to commemorate your visit.

Embark on a Guided Winery Tour

Next, delve into Napa Valley’s renowned wine culture by touring local wineries. Sign up for a guided tour, venture with your vehicle, or opt for a chauffeured experience. Visit wine estates such as Castello di Amorosa, Chateau Montelena, and Sterling Vineyards, sampling fine wines amidst picturesque vineyards and striking architecture. Learn about the viticulture, wine-making process, and pairings from knowledgeable guides.

Lunch at a Napa Valley Winery

During your winery exploration, pause for a delectable, often farm-to-table, lunch at one of the esteemed vineyard eateries. Bask in the warm sun while you dine on fresh, seasonal dishes, and pair them with exquisite Napa Valley wines for an elevated gastronomic experience.

Soak in the Healing Waters at UpValley Inn & Hot Springs

After a day of discoveries, return to UpValley Inn & Hot Springs and indulge in a rejuvenating soak in the hotel’s hot springs. Allow the mineral-rich waters to soothe your muscles and melt away any remaining stress, preparing you for an idyllic evening under the Napa Valley sky.

Dinner at Solbar, Solage’s Signature Restaurant

To mark the end of an exceptional day, treat yourself to a mouthwatering dinner at Solbar, located within the upscale Solage Resort. Savor flavorful dishes created with locally sourced ingredients, and select from a diverse range of Napa Valley wines. Experience the perfect blend of innovation, elegance, and comfort as you relish your meal under the stars.

Day 3: Explore Nature, Learn About History, and Delight Your Senses

Morning Hike at Robert Louis Stevenson State Park

Start your day on an invigorating note by hiking the scenic trails at Robert Louis Stevenson State Park, just a short drive from UpValley Inn & Hot Springs. Choose from various routes catering to all skill levels, enjoying panoramic vistas, towering redwoods, and abundant wildlife. Explore the park’s connection to the famed author and take in spectacular views of Napa Valley, Mount St. Helena, and beyond.

Lunch and History at the Bale Grist Mill State Historic Park

Following your hike, visit the Bale Grist Mill State Historic Park for a glimpse into Napa Valley’s history and a delightful picnic lunch. Tour the fully restored 1846 water-powered grist mill, which once ground wheat and corn for early settlers. Enjoy a picturesque outdoor lunch surrounded by towering oak trees and the soothing sounds of nature.

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth at a Local Chocolate Shop

Head back to Calistoga and make a stop at a local chocolate shop, such as Earth & Sky Chocolates or Anette’s Chocolates by Brent, to satisfy your sweet tooth. Discover handcrafted chocolates made with premium ingredients, and treat yourself to a delectable assortment to take home as a delicious memento of your getaway.

Relax and Unwind at UpValley Inn & Hot Springs

As the sun sets on your magical Calistoga weekend, relax and unwind at UpValley Inn & Hot Springs. Enjoy the warmth of a fire pit in the hotel’s serene outdoor spaces, or savor a final glass of Napa Valley wine on your private balcony or patio as the evening sky envelops you in its captivating embrace.

Day 4: Departure and Fond Farewells

Delight in a Fulfilling Breakfast at UpValley Inn & Hot Springs

Before checking out of UpValley Inn & Hot Springs, savor one last complimentary breakfast at the hotel. Fill your plate with fresh fruits, pastries, yogurt, and hot dishes, ensuring you are energized for the journey home.

Departure and Cherished Memories

Bid farewell to the charming UpValley Inn & Hot Springs and embark on your journey home with a heart full of cherished memories and a longing to return to your Calistoga sanctuary once again.

Experience the Calistoga Weekend Getaway of Your Dreams at UpValley Inn & Hot Springs

There’s no better place to embark on your unforgettable Calistoga weekend adventure than UpValley Inn & Hot Springs, the premier boutique hot springs hotel nestled in the heart of Napa Valley’s wine country. With a perfect blend of luxury, comfort, and convenience, UpValley Inn & Hot Springs provides an unparalleled experience for those seeking to explore and savor the enchanting region to the fullest.

Don’t wait to create the Calistoga weekend getaway of your dreams. Book your stay at UpValley Inn & Hot Springs now and begin a captivating journey full of unforgettable memories, indulgent experiences, and the breathtaking beauty of Napa Valley. Return home refreshed and treasuring the time spent in this charming wine country oasis.

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